Death Raider

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The SkyLimite T3200 gaming mouse is one of our most powerful and customizable Mouse. Any gamer can feel comfortable and at control with this state of the art device. The T3200 has a high performance athletic game chip that ensures you smooth movement and stability. With a minimum DPI of 400 and a maximum at 4000, the T3200 can track every hand movement with ease. With the easy installation of our latest T3200 Mouse driver, you will be able to customize each button to make your gaming experience more comfortable. Also, with our unique design series of T3200 gaming mice, all of which have 6 color adjustable global lighting, gamers can create lighting effects that can be switched to a single color pattern, monochrome breathing pattern, colorful gradient pattern or any color desired.

Product Description

Product Description


1. Energy Saving Mode
2. Built in 128k memory
3. Anti-Slip Rubber Coating
4. 6 Color LED light customization
5. Programmable 8 keys
6. lightweight braided fiber cable

Product Specification

Size: W126*D79*H41.5mm
Weight: 12.3 Oz
DPI: 400min -4000max DPI
Refresh Rate:125-250-500-1000Hz
Keys: 8
Response Time: 8800Hz/sec

System Requirements

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

USB port

Software download at the skylimite download

4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5

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    This mouse is epic, I really have never seen any mouse like this. I have this mouse and it feels epic. The feel and how smooth it moves over my mousepad is just awesome. The program to configure its DPI, light and macro is simple to use, however you should add mouse clicking to your macro. It’ll be good for quickscoping in FPS games. Overall it is a very good mouse and I recommend it to any gamer who needs a mouse but does not have much money. In a way, it is cheaper and at least as good as or better than Razer mice.

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